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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can join Parents Grieving Together?
    Parents Grieving Together is for grieving parents, however, friends, families and others may also find value and are welcome to attend our events and join public social media pages.
  • What services does Parents Grieving Together offer?
    Parents Grieving Together offers free informational sessions, a twelve-month membership program (Journey), Renew conferences scheduled throughout the year and other yearly events. In addition, we offer a Memorandum Video service and a Grief Companion service. Please check our event tab for upcoming face to face and virtual events.
  • Is there a specific age group that Parents Grieving Together supports?
    Parents Grieving Together members have experienced the death of their children at various ages including parents who have experienced miscarriage and still birth losses. We will match you with a grief guide who has experienced a similar loss in order to walk closely with you in the healing journey.
  • Can I bring my family members or friends to the Parents Grieving Together meetings?
    Family members and friends are welcome to join our public social media pages or registering for one of our events or services. The Journey program includes 1 on 1 grief guide sessions monthly – you are welcome to bring anyone you would like to your sessions. Our Facebook page is
  • Are meetings confidential?
  • How can I get involved in helping Parents Grieving Together?
    If you would like to support future clients or would like to sponsor your friend or family member, please email the details to and we will make sure that your scholarship or sponsorship gets to the right person.
  • Can I attend a meeting even if my child’s death was not recent?
    Absolutely! We welcome all grieving parents, no matter the age or situation of life or death. We have clients who are newly bereaved and others who have been on this path for decades. All are welcomed, respected, supported and loved.
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