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Together in Grief and Healing

Surviving Child Loss 

Our Clients Say

“After my son committed suicide, no one – not even family, understood me.  Christy has helped me so much – she is an angel! I could have never made it through this terrible time without her.  She has helped me feel again.” 

Maggie - Mom of Dustin

About Us

Losing a child is an unimaginable pain that no parent should have to endure. At Parent Grief, we understand the depth of this pain, as we too have experienced it, and offer a range of programs and resources to help parents move through their grief and find purpose in
honor of their children.

Our mission is to provide a supportive community for parents who have lost a child. We offer a range of programs, including grief coaching, support groups and workshops to help parents navigate the complex emotions and challenges that come with this grief.

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Our Programs



Pain to Purpose Breakthrough Session

Memorial Videos

Grief Support Companion

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We are here to offer you the support, guidance and
companionship you need to move through your pain and find purpose in honor of your child.

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